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Hiking Tours La Fortuna and Beyond…

Explore some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful landscapes, forest, jungles, waterfalls, blue rivers, Caves and Volcanoes.

PACR only offers hiking tours by certified naturalistic guides with years of experience, passion and respect for Costa Rica and all of its Pura Vida. Tours range in intensity and are available for people of ages, a proper analysis will be done to insure the visitors safety, good physical condition is required for most of the hikes offered.

Click link for information on Costa Rica's Natural Wonders and discover the Pura Vida>>>

Last known eruption of Cerro Chato was dated at about 3500 years ago. Following this eruption the 1140-m-high stratovolcano contained a 500-m-wide summit crater that is partially filled by Laguna Cerro Chato. Activity at Cerro Chato dates back to 38,000 years, and prior to its yield of activity it was active concurrently with Arenal for several thousand years.


Wakeboarding Costa Rica Update

2013 was a year of change and new opportunities
With more experience under our belt and added options for adventures we decided to  move Downtown La Fortuna.
Having established great relations with the local community opened a door to join Hotel La Amistad; situated in one of the most accessible locations of all of La Fortuna.

Some paint and loads of PACR charm had the town chattering, for years this location sat vacant waiting for the right people to come along and when they saw it was PACR they were as stoked as were.

After years of managing two locations we finally decided one office in a superior scene would be sufficient.
We are Happy with our new home, the chnage was needed, we are feeling refreshed and ready to fuel the stoke for 2014.
Stop by and let us know what you think, it’s a work in progress that is turning into a place filled with the same ingredient’s as our previous locations.

I would like to thank all of our previous customers for their feedback and friendships, TripAdvisor now ranks Paradise Adventures Costa Rica  #3 of 72 tour operators in La Fortuna, our goal is to be positioned high enough so that those visiting discover our one of a kind service and find what it is they are looking for.
Pura Vida Siempre! the Crew \m/

PACR's new Location Hotel La Amistad

We used the extra time wisely researching and seeking new adventures and activities to share from our new set up, check out our NEW Tour Section and our Hiking Page for details.



Photo and Video Contest

PACR has gathered some of our latest photos and videos of  adventures from La Fortuna and throughout Costa Rica . Interested visitors can see others experiencing the Adrenalin and Pura Vida combo’s available.
Photos and Videos offer more proof of why Paradise Adventures Costa Rica is rated one of the Top Tour Companies in the Country. Check out our testimonial page and and TripAdvisor listing for more.

Send us your top pictures and videos to add to our collection, the photos and videos with the most likes will be entered into a draw and the winner will receive a free Wakeboard/Wakeskate session with Paradise Adventures Costa Rica and a 20% discount off any other tours and adventures they book with PACR.

Photos must be authentic and of your personal property, send to

Wakeology Wakeboards rider Dane Goodwin, wakeboarding Lake Arenal Costa Rica

Keep the stoke peps, Pura Vida!

Contact Us, BOOK NOW.


Working Vacation w/Paradise Adventures Costa Rica

Paradise Adventures Costa Rica seeking Wakeboarders and Wakeskaters to join the team.

A working vacation in Costa Rica helping PACR spread awareness of our one of kind vacation services, seeking out new adventures to add to our growing list of activities, offering Wakeboard lessons and coaching, input and feedback on new marketing and advertising campaigns, setting up wakeboard and wakeskate clinics, event planning throughout Costa Rica and having the time of your life doing so.


Private, secure, furnished cabin, comes with all the trimmings to make your stay comfortable, located 2klm from downtown La Fortuna and PACR's Adrenalin Center #2.
Food and extra's are your responsibility, most of which is more affordable than back home.

What you make is up to how many clients we have, tours sold, wakeboard and wakeskate lessons and whatever else you can bring to the business.

Investment types:
Anything that makes a profit, funds, time, equipment, lessons, sales and so on…you would be using PACR as base to do so, you control your income; what you can earn is up to you. 

Adrenalin info Centers: PACR has multiple locations at your disposal, offices are situated throughout La Fortuna and have all the information and tools needed to get you started.

Bonus of working with PACR:
Take part in all the tours and adventures offered, Wakeboarding and Wakeskating from one of the most unique location on the planet, surfing some of the best breaks on the Pacific and Caribbean, making new friends, learning the Pura Vida way and returning to self, experiencing a different culture and lifestyle and fueling the stoke.



More Pro Wakeboarders Shred Lake Arenal Costa Rica

Pura Vida Costa Rica by Erika Langman

Costa Rica has always been one of those destinations on every Canadian’s bucket list, its tropical, has a unique Spanish-influenced culture and for the young sports enthusiasts it is the ideal destination to chase waves. After a long winter of park laps on Ontario’s ice-ridden Niagara Escarpment myself and fellow rider Leslie Sparkes were drooling over the idea of margaritas, coconuts and surfer boys on white sand beaches.

Having grown up spending full summers on a lake in central Ontario I can count the number of times I have actually seen the ocean. That being said when we arrived I walked down to the beach carrying my giant long board thinking, this will be a piece of cake, I’ll be graduating to a 6’ board in no time. Ha. After front-rolling through about 50 waves wondering how the locals can stand up oh so effortlessly I gave up that dream pretty quickly. On a positive note I did manage to catch a couple small waves getting the infamous surf stoke.

The next day we were greeted by Canadian Pro rider Ashley Leugner who had been coaching at PACR earlier that week in La Fortuna. Reunited, we pounded back a few Imperials and set out in search of the ‘bros’, our new found friends from the big city of Vancouver and Toronto. They had conveniently booked a package complete with surf lessons from the local ‘fabio’ and were oh so gracious to share their tips with us. However, more than often they hadn’t actually received any, since fabio was pretty consumed with giving the best tips to the girls in their group wearing string bikinis.

Patio beers, delicious dinner and a few Tamarindo margaritas later, we headed out for bed so we could get up to ride high tide in the AM.

After a week of surfing, catamaran rides, Argentinean barbeque (which ultimately resulted in a full day ride on the porcelain train), Jonathan Turcotte of Paradise Adventures Costa Rica picked us up to head out to La Fortuna. Driving through the hills we watched the dry grass and smell of smoke slowly be replaced by clear volcanic streams flowing into Lake Arenal at the base of the Arenal Volcano. The Arenal Volcano is the 7th most active volcano in the world, we were actually able to see smoke rising out of it on numerous occasions.

We stayed at PACR where we met Sofia, who is a Costa Rican local. She showed us where to pick coco plants, and fed us white furry Guava fruit. I was pretty skeptical at first because it closely resembled a small hamster but it ended up being pretty darn good.

After a full day of zip lining, suspension bridges, rope swings and river lounging we prepped the boat to get out to the lake and ride. First sets of the season are always a little rusty but the lake worked its magic and we all got a few good hits in. You can never go wrong wakeboarding at the base of a Volcano. Overall it was an amazing trip, a special thanks to Jonny and Sofia for the great hospitality and teaching us the Pura Vida way.

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