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La Fortuna – Costa Rica

Paradise Adventures Costa Rica's home in La Fortuna is an enjoyable experience for all , with flowing rivers, natural hot springs, waterfalls, the 33 mile fresh water Lake Arenal, Cerro Chatto Lake , butterfly gardens and a large variety of accommodation and amenities. The many vacationers who find  the Pure Vida return home feeling satisfied and relaxed.

One of the main reasons La Fortuna is such a go to destination, besides being PACR’s home, is the fact that it’s situated at the base, 4 miles to the Active Arenal Volcano.  Visitors can get to Fortuna by Bus, Car or Plane. The road from both of Costa Rica’s airports are paved, well marked with reflectors and scenic, the plane is a 12 passenger that flies low allowing you to see Costa Rica’s beautiful landscapes; sit back and enjoy the many waterfalls, rivers and volcanoes.

La Fortuna Costa Rica

Coming from Liberia or San Jose takes about 3 hours by car and a little longer by bus. The local busses are super affordable, comfortable and safe, they can pretty much take you anywhere in the whole country. The road from San Jose is mainly straight. Coming from Liberia is hot and straight for the first 3 quarters; the final leg is up in the mountains, through the rain forest and around Lake Arenal

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La Fortuna was designed to offer spectacular views of the active Arenal Volcano. The central park is full of tropical plants, flowers and lined with benches where you can sit and enjoy the volcanoes activity. Take a 10 minute drive to the North West side of the Volcano to witness flowing red lava,

The Arenal Volcano has its own National Park (Parque National Vulcan Arenal) 

This almost 30,000 acre national park allows visitors to get an even better understanding of the Arenal Volcano and a much closer look.  The Flora and fauna found it this primary rain forest is some of the newest on earth.

There's a pile of  activities available from La Fortuna and area the majority of them with the volcano in your sites. The most popular tours in the area include:

relaxing in the various hot springs, sport fishing, white water rafting , repelling down waterfalls, zip lining through the rain forest, horseback riding in the tropical jungle through rivers and alongside the volcano, ATV adventures and my absolute Favorite, wakeboarding at the base of the active Arenal Volcano on Lake Arenal.


There are plenty of nature hikes in the area; the one I highly recommend is the climb to Cerro Chatto Lake.  Vulcan Chatto is a dormant volcano; its crater is filled from hundreds of year of rain fall. It is an intense uphill hike to over 3,500 feet but I assure you it is worth every step of the way.  Park hours are from 8am to 5pm and the entrance fee is currently $10


The La Fortuna Waterfall is another one of Mother Nature’s tours. Take a short 4klm hike from La Fortuna and you will be standing up top of the 230 foot waterfall.  Gaze upon the power of water as it rolls of and dumps into the fresh rejuvenating pools bellow. Hike down the base to the pools to recharge, relax and take some photos. Waterfalls are open from 8-5pm and have an entrance fee of $10.


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