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Paradise Adventures Costa Rica can use more TripAdvisor and Airbnb Reviews, your feedback is appreciated  and used  to fine tune and add more to our growing list of activities,  your satisfaction is what motivates the PACR crew to do what we do.

Everyday we wake up with a goal to share the culture and bio diversity of Costa Rica; not because we have to, because we want to; the more we share this location and experiences with others the longer we are able to enjoy the Pura Vida ourselves. We treat all of our new friends as guest in our home, helping you save money and select tours, location, accommodation and adventures that your interested in.

Here at PACR we listen and point you in the right direction based on our own personal experience as well as our previous visitors and new friends. PACR works hard at informing visitors to Costa Rica using online social groups and pages like Facebook and twitter to connect with the customers before they arrive, answering whatever question they may have and taking the time and energy to research there specific vacation needs and desires; no 2 customers are the same and Costa Rica has a variety of options for everyone.

Trust the PACR logo we pride ourselves on what we do and guarantee you the best price and services available throughout Costa Rica. Over the last 12 years Paradise Adventures Costa Rica has provided visitors from all over the world with a one of kind, adrenaline filled experience from the tropical oasis known as Lake Arenal

We have a responsibility to share this location with the many that visit Costa Rica throughout the year as it is truly unique. I have wakeboarded in some amazing spots in my life and feel fortunate to have found this wakeboard haven.  This testimonial page is designed to provide feedback from the customers point of view. We are all different and there may be some areas of the services provided  that were more memorable than others.

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Paradise Adventures Costa Rica is a tour company that specializes in wakeboarding, wakeskating and a variety of different tours from La Fortuna and throughout Costa Rica.  PACR is growing quickly and with that growth we have added additional services and adventures that we are stoked to share with you, your group or family.

Here is a list of  some of the new  experiences available : White water rafting, zip lining, horseback riding, kayaking, boat tours of the beautiful 33 mile lake Arenal, ATV, Baldi Hot Springs, surf trips, Rappelling down waterfalls, and transportation services. 

Top Tour Recomendations La Fortuna Costa Rica

Many travelers refer to Costa Rica as beach and Surf when really there is allot more to this amazing country then sand and ocean. PACR and other travel organizations efforts in spreading awareness of  these areas has more vacationers venturing of the beach and away from their all inclusive hotels to get a better look and feel of what Costa Rica is about.

If you are reading this you can help by clicking the facebook share button, Appreciated! If you have any question about how to take part in any of PACR‘s exiting, adrenalin filled adventures fill out the contact form and we will be back to you in under 24hrs.

Be sure to check out our listing on Trip Advisor, your feedback goes along way in helping PACR connect with others looking for the adrenalin and Pura Vida Combo. Pura Vida, Keep the stoke, Jonny T


Pura Vida La Fortuna San Carlos

Costa Rica's Adventure Capital

La Fortuna is an enjoyable adventure for all, with flowing rivers, natural hot springs, waterfalls, the 33 mile fresh water Lake Arenal, Cerro Chatto Lake, butterfly gardens and a large variety of Accommodation and amenities.

The many vacationers who find  the Pure Vida return home feeling satisfied and relaxed. La Fortuna is situated at the base, 4 miles to the Arenal Volcano. Visitors can get to Fortuna by Bus, Car or Plane.

The road from both of Costa Rica’s airports are paved, well marked with reflectors and scenic, the plane is a 12 passenger that flies low allowing you to see Costa Rica’s beautiful landscapes; sit back and enjoy the many waterfalls, rivers and volcanoes.

La Fortuna San Carlos Costa Rica

Coming from Liberia or San Jose takes about 3 hours by car and a little longer by bus.
The local busses are super affordable, comfortable and safe, they can pretty much take you anywhere in the whole country.
Coming from Liberia is hot and straight for the first 3 quarters; the final leg is up in the mountains, through the rain forest and around Lake Arenal La Fortuna was designed to offer spectacular views of the active Arenal Volcano.

The central park is full of tropical plants, flowers and lined with benches where you can sit and enjoy the volcanoes activity. Take a 10 minute drive to the North West side of the Volcano to witness the most recent activity.

The Arenal Volcano has its own National Park (Parque National Vulcan Arenal) This almost 30,000 acre national park allows visitors to get an even better understanding of the Arenal Volcano and a much closer look.  The Flora and fauna found it this primary rain forest is some of the newest on earth.

There's a pile of  activities available from La Fortuna and area the majority of them with the volcano in your sites. The most popular tours in the area include: (more…)

Adventures Tours Fortuna Costa Rica

PACR is one of  Costa Rica's Top Rated Adventures Experts, providing visitors with exciting Tours and Accommodations, creating custom vacation packages filled with memories that last a lifetime.

With over 12 year’s of experience and 0 unsatisfied customers, our expertise, positive vibe and one of a kind services guarantee you or your group a visit to Costa Rica unlike any other.

All of Paradise Adventures Costa Rica Tours have been selected with the use of our previous customers satisfaction and companies on the same mission of sharing the real Costa Rican charms and beauty.

Please read our reviews and find out firsthand what our new friends have to say and get back to us with any questions. The PACR crew awaits the opportunity to share our Adrenalin fun filled activities, and top quality vacation services with you; experience the Magic of Costa Rica with us today.

Here is a list of some of the new experiences available:

  • Whitewater Rafting – Levels  2 – 4
  • Zip lining (longest, tallest and fastest)
  • Horseback Riding
  • Kayaking Canoeing – lake, rivers
  • ATV – rentals and tours throughout Costa Rica
  • Natural hot springs – many to choose from
  • Surf Trips – all levels, anywhere in Costa Rica
  • Rappelling down waterfalls
  • Transportation Services – airport pick /drop off and transfers (ask about the rafting transfer)

Adventure Tour Package Zipline Rafting Costa Rica

Majestic Fortuna Waterfall Costa Rica

All of these exiting activities can be put together resulting in one giant adrenalin rush or PACR can work with you at creating a vacation package of  your liking.

Our team is here to answer any question or concerns you may have about the activities in the la Fortuna as well as anything else relating to Costa Rica.

Adrenalin Combo "GNAR"

  • Includes Lodging with PACR for 6 nights.
  • White water rafting Level 4, (level 5 available) includes transportation to and from river, lunch and some of the best guides in the area. (Tour last for 4 hours.)
  • Adventure Culture and Pura Vida in one Place, experience and authentic, genuine Costa Rica Adventure Park. Tour starts with and introduction to the adventure park and a quick lesson on how to fly through the canopy. You will than take a bus ride to the top, where you can look out unto a gorgeous tropical canopy, the La Fortuna, Pino Blanco waterfall and Arenal Volcano. Next you will take a 20 minute hike through the jungle accompanied with a highly trained guide to explain to you the importance of the area and help you discovery any wildlife along the way. The ziplines start with two small practice cables and then it’s on to the main attraction. 12 cables, 3 kilometers in total, one stretching 980 meters over the famous La Fortuna waterfall
  • Rappelling down waterfalls , (tour last 4 hours) and includes lunch.
  • Horseback riding,to The Canyon of teh Arenal Volcano River
  • ATV rentals, through Farms, river and alongside volcano, tour last (2-3 hours), Lunch included
  • Thermal Hot Springs, naturally heated from the Arenal Volcano (evening and day trips available)

Contact the PACR Crew for Package Details and pricing PACR Testimonials
The Above Package is grouped with some of the most popular activities in the area, more tours are available and custom packages can be tailored to your specific interest.

If you are interested in building a adventure package with PACR use our booking page to send us more details and someone from the PACR crew will get back to you shortly.

If you require immediate assistance please call us at (506)8856-3618 Live Chat via Facebook Messenger
*Prices are based on 4 person occupancy; some increase will apply to smaller groups (more…)

Wakeboarding Bliss, Lake Arenal Costa Rica

PACR is proud to offer their services from one of the most unique location in the world, Lake Arenal Costa Rica.

Arenal Volcano view from Lake Arenal

Paradise Adventures teaches from a variety of location on the large 33 mile lake, one of the all time favorites being the base of the Active Arenal Volcano. What makes this location so special is the watersport conditions. Over 35 years ago the Costa Rican Government decided to build a dam, the result being Lake Arenal.

The damn is situated at the base of the Active Arenal Volcano, providing and amazing view of  lake 20 meters bellow and of  course the smoking Arenal Volcano. Besides being an amazing place to stop and take in the beauty, the dam acts as a huge shield, protecting the water below leaving nothing but glassy watersports conditions 365 days a year. 

Arenal Volcano, Lake Arenal Costa Rica

Learn how to wakeboard from experienced wakeboarders and take part in the upcoming clinics.  PACR is working on providing Pro clinics throughout the year, these clinics are designed to let students, vacationers and locals interested in learning from the pros to do so. The clinics will take part from the many unique locations on Lake Arenal.

PACR’s watersports equipment is updated regularly, insuring students the best opportunity to learn possible. The boat is 2005, with wakeboard tower, plenty of power, and fat sac ballast system. Creating a wake that is rated as the best wake on Lake Arenal.

The Fly High pro X series Ballast system pushes up a wake that is super hard and the boats extra wide deep V hull creates a glassy approach and smooth re-entry. Paradise Adventures number one concern is riders safety and fun, we have never had an injured or unsatisfied customer. 

Jonathan Turcotte, Owner Operator Paradise Adventures Costa Rica

Follow us for updates on what’s up and what exiting events are on there way. Wakeboarding Costa Rica (Twitter) Become a fan of PACR on Facebook Contact Us for more details, dates and Packages (more…)

Wakeboarding Costa Rica

Paradise Adventures Costa Rica is growing, we are now known globally for our professional wakeboard , wakeskate and lake services offered in Costa Rica. Some of the main reasons for success being our constant research and development. As the wakeboard and watersporst industry changes and improves so does PACR.

Over the years wakeboard equipment and accessories have evolved rapidly adding more stoke to the scene.

Boats are throwing bigger wakes,wakeboard towers are  tighter, wakeboards are lighter, wakeboard binding more comfortable, better ropes and handles, life vest and so on. The main areas being, safety, comfort, control and ride ability, all of which takes your riding to new levels.

PACR has added new wakeboards, wakeskates, ropes, vest and a FlyHigh, Xseries ballast system to insure our visitors have the best wakesports experience possible. The boat with full ballast and 8 people now pushing 6,000lbs. The shape of the hall combined with the boats width creates a wake riders are comparing to competition wakeboard boats.

Perfect wake for begginer to advanced wakeboarders

The wake is super solid with a glassy approach, smooth re-entry and large lading zone; empty the ballast and shorten the rope and you have a wake that’s soft and clean for beginners. Having a competition wakeboard boat has its benefits for people looking to take there skills to a competitive level, but its allot of boat for the average wakeboarder, especially wakeskater, looking to shred lake Arenal Costa Rica. PACR has all the watersports equipment and then some to put a smile on any wake junkies face; beginner to pro and at a price no one can offer.  We are so confidant with our system in TOTAL that we will reward a 50% discount to any customer that finds a better set up from a legal Tour outfit in Costa Rica.

You can have the best wakeboards, wakeskates and wakeboard boat in the world and it all means nothing if your driver is a sleep at the wheel; 50% of the sport is the driver. PACR's wakesports driver was practically born on a lake and has spent hours behind the wheel in many different scenarios and many different boats. Driving for your friends is one thing, pulling a customer is another.

Equipment is one thing we can guarantee and satisfaction is another, in PACR's seven years of operation we have yet to receive a complaint nor have an injured customer. Part of insuring satisfaction is the expertise in the services offered, all of PACR's tours , lessons and Coaching is conducted by educated and experienced athletes, coaches and tour guides.

PACR has guest wakeboarders and wakeskaters visiting Costa Rica regularly; offering their professional expertise to students and vacationers. If you wish to take Part in the upcoming clinics and events follow us on Twitter and join or Facebook Fan page for daily updates on wakeboarding Costa Rica and other activities coming throughout the year.

On top of staying fresh in todays wakeboard scene with new inventory, tricks and what's what, PACR also believes your location has a little something to do with the overall experience. I have been driving wakeboarders and wakeboarding from Lake Arenal for 11 years now and in doing so found the best location; the base if the active Arenal Volcano.

There are many different bodies of water to shred on this planet and Lake Arenal to my knowledge has got to be one of the best.

The 33 mile fresh water lake, located in the tropical zone of Costa Rica, with a water temperatures of 75+ all year and perfect water sport conditions thanks to the dam and active Arenal Volcano blocking winds.

On top of being located in one of the most beautiful climates in the world, at the base of an active volcano; Lake Arenal has no other boaters, swimmer, seado's…nada…just you, mother natures finest and your board of choice.

The Majestic Lake Arenal

Take the above information and role it around your head for a second, put is all together and you can see why PACR is quickly becoming one of Costa Rica's top adventure providers.

2012 is going to be a year to remember, many vacationers have already booked there tickets and are counting the days until they experience what PACR has to offer from one of the most amazing places in the world; Costa Rica.

Fill out the contact form for  more information on  wakeboard , lessons, coaching and dates of  upcoming clinics and events with PACR.

PACR is exited to continue our watersports mission and grateful have made it this far. The last few years have been full of surprise but with the help of family, friends and persistence PACR still managed to grow and succeed.

Many thanks to all of our fans out there we look forward to sharing our kick ass services with you soon.

Jonathan Turcotte, Owner Operator

Paradise Adventures Costa Rica


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