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Hiking Tours to Arenal Volcano, Rio Celeste and Beyond…


Hiking through some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful landscapes, forest, jungles, waterfalls, Rio Celeste, Caves and Arenal Volcano

PACR only offers hiking tours by certified naturalistic guides with years of experience, passion and respect for Costa Rica and all of its Pura Vida. Tours range in intensity and are available for people of ages, a proper analysis will be done to insure the visitors safety, good physical condition is required for most of the hikes offered. Click link for information on Costa Rica's

Natural Wonders and discover the Pura Vida>>> Arenal Volcano Hiking (Observatory Lodge) One of the closest views of the Arenal Volcano and Lake Arenal, the observatory point is a platform located in the mountain surrounded by Tropical gardens, in this area there are some small suspension bridges, museum and waterfall. The property of the observatory lodge is home to a variety of plant and wildlife. The afternoon tour offers a great sunset looking out onto Lake Arenal and the mountain ranges of Monteverde. Details: Time: 8AM or 1PM, $45 per person Duration: 3 hours  *Optional 2 hour soak in Free hot water river includes: transportation, Entrance fee, guide, 2 hour walk, waterfall and amazing views of the Arenal Volcano. 

Arenal Volcano Hiking, Rio Celeste and other Options with PACRThe pre-1968 summit of Arenal forms the peak to the left. Eruptions originating from four craters on the west flank extending from the summit to 1100 m on the middle western flank constructed the fresh, UN-vegetated cone seen at the right and a lava-flow field on the lower western flank. The volcano is the centerpiece of Arenal National Park. Arenal towers above forests along the Rio Agua Caliente on the WSW side of the volcano. The 12,016 hectare Volcan Arenal National Park lies within the 204,000 hectare Arenal Conservation Area, which combines to protect eight of Costa Rica’s 12 biological life zones and includes 16 protected reserves in the region between the Guanacaste and Tilaran mountain ranges.