Paradise Adventures Costa Rica can use more TripAdvisor and Airbnb Reviews, your feedback is appreciated  and used  to fine tune and add more to our growing list of activities,  your satisfaction is what motivates the PACR crew to do what we do.

Everyday we wake up with a goal to share the culture and bio diversity of Costa Rica; not because we have to, because we want to; the more we share this location and experiences with others the longer we are able to enjoy the Pura Vida ourselves. We treat all of our new friends as guest in our home, helping you save money and select tours, location, accommodation and adventures that your interested in.

Here at PACR we listen and point you in the right direction based on our own personal experience as well as our previous visitors and new friends. PACR works hard at informing visitors to Costa Rica using online social groups and pages like Facebook and twitter to connect with the customers before they arrive, answering whatever question they may have and taking the time and energy to research there specific vacation needs and desires; no 2 customers are the same and Costa Rica has a variety of options for everyone.

Trust the PACR logo we pride ourselves on what we do and guarantee you the best price and services available throughout Costa Rica. Over the last 12 years Paradise Adventures Costa Rica has provided visitors from all over the world with a one of kind, adrenaline filled experience from the tropical oasis known as Lake Arenal

We have a responsibility to share this location with the many that visit Costa Rica throughout the year as it is truly unique. I have wakeboarded in some amazing spots in my life and feel fortunate to have found this wakeboard haven.  This testimonial page is designed to provide feedback from the customers point of view. We are all different and there may be some areas of the services provided  that were more memorable than others.

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Paradise Adventures Costa Rica is a tour company that specializes in wakeboarding, wakeskating and a variety of different tours from La Fortuna and throughout Costa Rica.  PACR is growing quickly and with that growth we have added additional services and adventures that we are stoked to share with you, your group or family.

Here is a list of  some of the new  experiences available : White water rafting, zip lining, horseback riding, kayaking, boat tours of the beautiful 33 mile lake Arenal, ATV, Baldi Hot Springs, surf trips, Rappelling down waterfalls, and transportation services. 

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Many travelers refer to Costa Rica as beach and Surf when really there is allot more to this amazing country then sand and ocean. PACR and other travel organizations efforts in spreading awareness of  these areas has more vacationers venturing of the beach and away from their all inclusive hotels to get a better look and feel of what Costa Rica is about.

If you are reading this you can help by clicking the facebook share button, Appreciated! If you have any question about how to take part in any of PACR‘s exiting, adrenalin filled adventures fill out the contact form and we will be back to you in under 24hrs.

Be sure to check out our listing on Trip Advisor, your feedback goes along way in helping PACR connect with others looking for the adrenalin and Pura Vida Combo. Pura Vida, Keep the stoke, Jonny T

Great time on Lake Arenal! I had one of the best experiences of my life with Paradise Adventures.

Jonny will take care of you, just give him a call! We wakeboarded with Paradise Adventures Costa Rica and it was awesome. The owner, Jonny, did a great job teaching my son how to board. As a mom, I felt very safe with him at the wheel. All you need to do is show up at shoreside at Paradise Adventures takes care of the rest. I had my first wakeboard experience with Jonny on Lake Arenal and I have to say it was amazing !! Jonny is a great man and Lake Arenal is an amazing location. I will never forget it

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