La Fortuna was a major transition for Paradise Adventures Costa Rica, providing us with the experience needed to take PACR to our new addition in Tamarindo Beach and Conchal Area.

After 7 years of connecting and partnering with La Fortuna’s local tour operator, securing some amazing accommodation options and growing web presence with social travel sites like Tripadvisor, Goolgle, Facebook and Airbnb, PACR was making waves and what better place to ride those waves then the beach, surfs up! Tuanis!!

The PACR crew is excited about being a part of the Tamarindo Beach Scene and are already feeling the positive effects of change; will be posting more details soon, join or Facebook Fanpage, Twitter Feed and subscribe.

Paradise Adventures Costa Rica is still offering the same tours and lodging options in La Fotruna, now offering the same quality service in other activities and lodging from our new location.

Please share our success to help our fans, family, friends and future amigos find us.
Contact Us about rates and details of the new Tours and Accommodation options available.

Adventure Tours Costa Rica

Transportation Options available with PACR:

PACR offers a **10% discount** on rentals cars and can answer your questions about the available transportation options, and routes to the many locations throughout Costa Rica.

One of the best conveniences you can add to your trip to Costa Rica is a rental car.
The roads are paved, well-marked, and GPS will get you to your destinations with ease.

Shuttle service and public bus will get you to most places, Public bus will take allot longer, not as safe for your luggage, and the shuttle cost for 2 people would be similar to renting a car.

Shared and Private Shuttle Service:

Shuttle From Airport is $50 per person and depends on time of arrival, there is a shuttle in the morning and latest at 3PM. Private shuttle for 4 people $195.00 you chose the pickup time and location.

PACR only stared offering to help with rental cars as many people were falling for the same trick of finding a price online and being charged allot more upon arrival, hidden fees and forced premiums and a massive security deposit and deductible.

If you have any other questions at all please let me know, PACR appreciates the opportunity to help create a vacation experience you’ll never forget.

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